Conscious Breathing

One of the greatest gifts that is present in every moment is the flow of your breath. Your breath is the mover; you are the dancer ~Shiva Rea

Breath is Essential for Life! How you breathe is directly reflected in how you live and oxygen is the number one most important nutrient for living. Your breath pattern determines your emotional state and for most people breathing is just an automatic unconscious process of the body, but we can also breathe consciously and that’s where the magic lives!

Conscious Breathing is a potent self healing tool that alkalizes the body, naturally boosts the immune system and re-calibrates your entire being on all levels. This vibratory medicine assists in the release of stagnant energy, stress, old stories, past trauma and realigns you with your divine essence. Through circulation of the life force, this practice nourishes the cells with fresh new life, supercharges the body temple with vital energy and amplifies your radiance.

I share conscious breathing as a ceremonial surrender practice. The golden triangle of connected breath, movement and sound transport your awareness into expanded states of consciousness and an inner space of deep listening. Many people receive profound insights, radical relaxation, spontaneous healing, and so much more during these journeys into the sacred mysteries of the breath. Conscious breathing is truly a pranic elixir of life! It’s my number one soul alchemy tool for pranafication, inspiration and illumination.

“Listen, are you breathing just a little and calling it a life?” -Mary Oliver


Vibrant Health

Mental Clarity

Feel More Alive

Deepen Presence

Generate Abundant Energy

Nervous System Regulation

Open to the mystical

Clear the Subconscious

Shift Limiting Patterns

Release Old Emotions & Memories

Optimize & Thrive

Spark Creativity

Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Increased Immunity

Activate Your Innate Healing Power

Heal Trauma


Enhance Intuition

Amplify Your Radiance



Greater Equanimity & Balance

Reconnect with your divine essence

Strengthen Your Inner Authority

Cellular Nourishment

Get Unstuck

Elevate your vibrational frequency

Navigate Uncertainty with Ease

Improved Sleep

10 Essentials to Ignite Your Vitality & Radiance

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