Heart Coherence

Let the rays of your heart shine on all who pass by. – T Guillemets

Your heart impacts EVERYTHING in your life, including your health, your brain function, the way you feel, and how you interact with others.

The harmonious state of heart coherence brings your physical, emotional and mental systems into alignment.  Greater heart-brain entrainment allows one to quickly shift from a stressed state into a more equanimous one.  It can reduce stress, boost energy, elevate your mood, improve overall health & mental focus.  This positively impacts how you think, feel and perform in all areas of your life.

The physiological state of Heart coherence happens when your heart rhythms become syncopated & organized.  Once achieved, your heart & brain are connected, communicating clearly with one another and operate as one unified system.   This opens your connection to your heart’s intuitive intelligence, creates more ease and allows you to respond rather than react to life’s stressors & challenges.

“The brain thinks, but the heart knows.” ~ Dr. Joe Dispenza

Benefits of Heart Coherence:

Upgraded Overall Health

Drop in Depression

Improved Sleep

Less Stress

Better Focus

Increased Energy & Vitality

Enhanced Creativity

Deeper Emotional Connection with Yourself & Others

Life Enrichment

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