Cacao Ceremony

“Chocolate is a divine, celestial drink, the sweat of the stars, the vital seed, divine nectar, the drink of the gods, panacea and universal medicine.” – Geronimo Piperni

These ritual ceremonies are a portal into the temple of the heart and give anyone curious the opportunity to connect with the Spirit of Cacao in a safe, free, nurturing environment.

Cacao ceremony is an intentional community gathering for self reflection, healing, heart activation and spiritual nourishment. This is one of the oldest holistic practices used by many indigenous cultures from around the world to unify body, mind, heart & spirit.

Ceremonial Cacao (known as “The Food of the Gods”) is revered as a highly vibrational sacred plant medicine that supports the re-balance of energies within us, restores good health, opens & expands the heart field to deepen authentic connection with others and ourselves.

When a group drinks cacao together, they shift into a unified field and the cacao medicine increases the energetic field of our hearts; as it’s a cardiac stimulant. This journey initiates a release of negative energy and blockages, inspires intimate sharing and insight, transforms consciousness and uplifts the frequency of the planet.

Every ceremony is different depending on the facilitator and participants.

Elements you may experience in a cacao ceremony:

music, dancing, singing, prayer, yoga, meditation, visualization, conscious breathing, celebration and of course the sipping of a ceremonial cacao elixir.

Prepare your sanctuary space upon arrival

You can create a nest, bring a blanket, pillow, eye pillow, journal, prayers, intentions, sacred objects(crystals, images, etc) and perhaps an offering for the altar. Feel free to do your ceremony preparations (shower, anoint with essential oils, smudge with palo santo or sage, whatever inspires you!)

Effects on the body

It is best to eat lightly and avoid caffeine on the day of the ceremony. Stay hydrated! Because of the detoxifying nature of Cacao its a good idea to drink plenty of water during the ceremony and the day after. After the ceremony have a fabulous nourishing meal to ground yourself. 

Is it safe?

Cacao is safe to drink and its nourishing to your body. It is also a stimulant and increases blood flow to the heart. Those who are epileptic and have heart conditions should not partake in Cacao. If you are taking antidepressants or are pregnant a lesser brew can be created for you. Do let us know if you have any of these conditions prior to arrival so arrangements can be made.  Anyone is welcome to share in the joy of this magical container even if you can’t or choose not to partake in the Cacao.  

Want to host me for a cacao ceremony for your community?  Email me to co-create an in person or virtual event

Looking for a good ceremonial cacao resource?  

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