Alchemize Your Life

Be the Alchemist in your own life.  Transform the lead of the past into the steel of the present action and ultimately the gold of your future.      ~David Roppo

PERSONAL PATH:  As a student, you are welcome to participate in ongoing weekly classes, monthly offerings, workshops, retreats, coaching, one on one and transformational group programs.  Visit our events calendar and wellness services to learn more.  

PROFESSIONAL PATH:  Looking to expand your knowledge and elevate your offerings to compliment your wellness practice?  We invite you to train in our Yoga & Breathwork Training Programs.

Let’s Collaborate

LET’S COLLABORATE:  Why go it alone, when we can go farther & faster together!  I’d love to be of service to you and your community.  I have a deep well of wisdom to share as a guest teacher at your event, retreat, or program.  I’m up for interviews and guest speaking on your podcast, in your facebook group, your conference or training program.  Want to co-create a magical offering together?  I’m open to your ideas and inspirations!  Reach out if you want to explore a collaboration of any kind.

10 Essentials to Ignite Your Vitality & Radiance

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